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About Woof & Whiskers

For Pet Lovers,

By Pet Lovers.

We talk the talk and walk the walk.
(SOMEBODY SAY WALK?!) Our Woof & Whiskers Toys are thoughtfully concepted & created by real people with a real love for pets.  We know how much squeak Trixie likes, and what kind of fur Baxter loves to nibble on, and what sort of string Smokey loves to chase because we design with pet wants in mind.

Our Design Process

From sketchbook to your sofa.
We believe the best ideas are built from scratch.  That’s why all our toys start life as a fun idea, evolve into a doodle and are lastly realized into a plaything we know your pet (and you) will love.

Our Manufacturing

A real paws-on process.
We responsibly search the world over for the best selection of materials for our toys.  Our planners ensure the best quality for Woof & Whiskers toys and are a part of the process from start to finish.

Our Community

Crazy pet people welcome (and sane ones, too.)
We’re big pet people.  We think our four-legged friends rule – and we love to show them off.  Find fellow pet lovers through our social channels here.